Vickie Harris
Founder of Paws 4 Health


As many of our Paws 4 Health fans know, we "sponsor" the Music City Animal Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee.

What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that a large part of our profits are given to the rescue to help it further it's goal of rescuing injured, abandoned and neglected animals.

The rescue does not receive any outside funding from ANY other sources at this time because they are so new, they have not been able to qualify for grants or any other assistance yet.

Because Paws 4 Health is so passionate about the health and well-being of ALL animals, we simply have to make the rescue an integral part of our mission as well.

This means that from the sale of our cookbooks to personal appearances, when you work with Paws 4 Health, you are not only learning how to keep your own furry family members healthy, you are helping to save the lives of precious animals that want nothing more than to have a healthy and happy life with a forever family too.

At this time, we would like to ask that our fans reach out to the Music City Animal Rescue in any way you see fit. From something as simple as liking them on Facebook to making a donation or even volunteering or fostering. Your kindness and generosity will be greatly appreciated by ALL.

To find out more about the Music City Animal Rescue visit


We are about to kick off our 2014 fundraiser so stay tuned for further details.

"I tried your recipe last night and the dogs LOVED it. So did my cat. He will be 20 years old this December. Thank you so much! You can't imagine how much money I am saving on dog and cat food! This is fresh and my cat and dogs just lap it up!"
- Mildred P.

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